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As a dentures clinic, we do high quality partial dentures, full dentures and denture repairs at Bob Song Denture Clinic Parramatta. Call us today on 02 9687 6268 for your New Dentures, repairs. Located at Parramatta CBD, next to the train station and Westfield. 


Your beautiful smile is starting with our 

perfect dentures! 

If you want to get your perfect smile, please call us now on 02 9687 6268 for an appointment with our friendly, skilled dental prosthetist in Parramatta. You can also make your denture enquiry and book with us at online.

Why Choose Us? 

Knowledge, experience and care, affordable high quality new dentures and repairs, Parramatta, Sydney wide NSW. Restore your smile and confidence. 

Experience and knowledge of Dr Song (Dental Prosthetist Parramatta)

·        The dental prosthetist has been being in the medical and dental field for nearly 30 years. 

·        The dental practitioner studied at a Medical University and worked as a medical doctor at an overseas hospital from 1992 to 2000. 

·        Dr Song Studied at the University of Sydney and awarded a Master degree of Medicine at the University of Sydney in 2003. 

·        In 2003, Dr Song started to be very interested in Dental Technology and Dental Prosthetics in Australia. 

·        In 2008, he was awarded the Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics at the Sydney Dental Hospital and become a registered Dental Prosthetist in  Sydney, Australia.

·        Since 2008, Dr Song has provided high quality denture services to thousands of patients at Bob Song Denture Clinic in Parramatta, Sydney.

·        Now, the dental prosthetist not only provides direct general aesthetic denture services to the public but also has special interest in difficult denture cases. 

Our dentures are affordable with the highest qualities.

·        All dentures are 100% made in Australia.

·        We use the premium, the best available materials in Australia market as we can.

·        Every denture for a patient is carefully hand crafted made.

·        Dentures are mainly made by the prosthetist himself.

·        Free adjustment within one year period will be offered after the day of new dentures issued.

·        Denture cost is affordable to suitable for your needs, lifestyle, budget and goal. However, our denture qualities are not discounted and we will keep it the highest quality as we can.

We care about your smile and confidence.

To ensure that you get the best possible dentures on aesthetics, speaking and eating, we always do our best to fabricate the dentures for each customer.

1.     Respect your advice, opinion and options during the dental plate treatment procedure.

2.     Detailed denture consultation and examination.

3.     Appropriate denture treatment plan will be explained.

4.     Accurate impressions and bite will be taken before denture try-in.

5.     Premium quality denture base and artificial teeth material will be used.

6.     Excellent after false teeth issue service.

Bob Song Denture Clinic Parramatta provides all kind of denture services directly to the public. No referral is necessary.  You are welcomed to view some photos of aesthetic dentures in our denture clinic smile gallery.


What are dentures?

Dentures are false teeth worn to replace missing teeth. Wearing dentures can not only improve your eating and speaking but also restore your smile and confidence. If you are missing some of your teeth, the surrounding soft and hard tissue might resorb as well. Dentures are dental prosthetics made to replace both the missing teeth and some resorbed tissue.


What types of dentures are there?

There are mainly two types of removable dentures including complete dentures and partial dentures.

Complete dentures are also called full dentures. These dentures are made to replace all missing teeth of upper or lower jaw. Full dentures can also be made as a set of top and bottom dentures. For more information, please visit the full dentures page of our website.

Partial dentures are used to replace some missing teeth when other real teeth are still healthy in the mouth. These dentures use metal clip or flexible clasp to grip on the natural teeth to keep the denture in place. Partial dentures can be made of acrylic, metal, flexible materials. These denture materials can also be combined to make partial dentures. More information can be found on partial dentures page of our website.


What is the procedure of making dentures?

The procedure of making dentures involve both clinic work and fabrication of dentures in the dental lab. Dentists only do the clinic work and send the denture technical work to the dental lab. The dental technician will do the lab work. However, dental prosthetists can do both the clinic work and lab work in their own denture clinics and labs. The clinic procedure of denture making is explained in the following.

·       Initial denture consultation and denture treatment planning.

·       Managing your oral health conditions and teeth by your dentists, if needed.

·       Primary impressions - impressions are taken for your upper and lower jaws, and denture teeth are selected.

·       Secondary impressions – these impressions are mainly for patients who have lost lot of teeth or all teeth, if needed.

·       Bite taking - wax rims used to register bite (the upper and low jaw relationship), if needed.

·       Wax denture try-in - more wax denture try-ins are needed if the teeth, bite are needed to be adjusted.

·       Denture issue - the clinician will check your bite, speaking and fitting of the dentures.

·       Denture review – the clinician will see if patients have any denture problems one or two weeks after the denture issue.



What are the benefits of wearing dentures?

Dentures can help you speak easier. Dentures let you pronounce the words properly by filling the gap of the missing teeth. Dentures are particularly important when you missed your front teeth of upper and lower jaws, because some letters such as “s” and “f” are pronounced better with the anterior real teeth.


Dentures can let you eat more easily and efficiently. We use our teeth to cut and chew foods. If we lose the front teeth, it will be hard for us to cut the food efficiently. A good example is when we cut apple by using our front teeth. If some back teeth are missing, the chewing power will be significantly compromised. For example, if you want to chew some vegetable with tough fibre, you will find that they are very hard to be ground to small pieces. The unbroken fibre will generally prevent you from swallowing the vegetable easily. If you have good dentures to get your missing teeth replaced, denture teeth can help you cut and chew food easier


Dentures can effectively support the facial muscles to restore your appearance, and make you look younger. Missing teeth can significantly affect your facial appearance, if you lose a lot of your teeth. Missing teeth can change the shape of your face, as the cheek and lip muscles lose the support of the missing teeth. If dentures or other tooth replacement options are not considered for a certain period of time, the real teeth adjacent to the missing teeth can drift. The teeth opposite to the missing tooth can become over erupted. Natural teeth drifting and over eruption might change your bite. In most case, the distance between the upper and lower jaws might decrease. This would make your face looks shorter. Nevertheless, Dentures can help improve your appearance by filling the gaps of missing teeth. Dentures can also support the facial muscles to make you look good and younger. Here, I would like to give two examples of my denture clinic patients. Two years ago, I made a set of top and bottom partial dentures for an 80 years old gentleman, and he said the dentures made him feel and look twenty years younger. Several months ago, a set of full dentures were issued for a 67 years old lady, and her daughter said that her mum looked like in her 40s with the new dentures. 


Dentures can significantly restore your smile and confidence. Dentures are basically social appliances, as said by reputed dentist and dental technician from UK when I attended a denture seminar in Sydney years ago. If you are missing your front teeth, you might choose not to cut apple and eat softer food instead. However, you need to go out for shopping, work, study or visiting relatives and friends. We are social people and need to smile and laugh. Missing teeth, especially the front teeth of both upper and lower jaws, will generally become a barrier for you to smile in front of other people, because you do not want someone to see the black hole in the front of your mouth. Most times, you are afraid of opening your mouth to talk and smile to people. You are most likely self-conscious of your appearance and lose your confidence during the social events. Nevertheless, if you get proper dentures, you will generally be confident to talk and smile in the public. Even though some dentures are not good for eating food properly, at least you are confidently socialising with other people by wearing the dentures.


What are the problems of wearing dentures?

You might have some problems with your dentures during the denture wearing period. For newly issued dentures, the problems can normally be fixed by your oral health professionals during the review appointments. For old dentures, some denture problems may be easily fixed, however, other problems might be hard to be solved due to the change of your oral health conditions. Under these circumstances, new dentures might be constructed. Therefore, it is very important for you to get your dentures checked regularly by your dental prosthetist or dentists. Of course, you should also get your mouth checked by your oral health professionals.

Here, some of most common denture problems are listed:

·        Pain on the gum when you eat

·        Dentures becoming loose

·        Food trapping underneath the dentures

·        Difficulty chewing

·        Denture broken or cracked

For detailed information of denture problems, please click replacement dentures page of our website.


How to use and care for your dentures?

·        If possible, rinse the denture after each meal by using tap water

·        Gently remove the dentures from the mouth to avoid dropping them.

·        Remove dentures every night before sleeping.

·        Clean dentures by using a soft brush.

·        Fill the basin with some water before cleaning the dentures.

·        Use denture cleanser to clean the dentures by following manufacturer’s instructions.

·        Regularly get the dentures checked by your oral health professional including dental prosthetists and dentists. If they identify any denture problems, they can most likely fix them.


High quality dentures are offered at Bob Song Denture Clinic Parramatta, Sydney. As we promised, satisfaction guaranteed new dentures are provided at our Parramatta denture clinic. Our denture prices are different for each denture. The dentures are handcrafted and customised for your individual denture needs. You are unique, so you deserve the highly comfortable, well fitted, natural looking dentures. You will get the superior quality dentures right for you.


Looking to get the highest quality dentures in Sydney? call Bob Song Denture Clinic Sydney on 02 9687 6268 now! Our perfect dentures can let you eat, speak and smile confidently. You will get a better health!

Denture Clinic

We are a denture clinic centrally located in Sydney, NSW.  Bob Song Denture offers high quality denture services to patients from Parramatta and surrounding suburbs. Our denture clinic is your nearest, trusted denture clinic in Parramatta. If you want to get great dentures in Sydney, Phone 02 9687 6268 today!

Sometimes, you may need to find an excellent Denture Clinic in Parramatta, Denture Clinic in Sydney, Denture Clinic in NSW. If you want to find a denture clinic near me, denture repair clinic near me, you most likely will choose Bob Song Denture Clinic. Because we care about our patients’ denture needs, we have a lot of happy customers, patients. You will get the trusted result with denture prices, denture repairs cost you paid.

What is a Dental prosthetist?

Dental Prosthetists are firstly to be qualified dental lab technicians.  After further several years’ professional clinic study and training in dentures and related areas, a dental technician can become a dental prosthetist.  They work independently in private, public denture clinics. A dental prosthetist can provide dentures directly to the public. They can consult directly with clients about their dental prosthetic needs. Dental prosthetists sometimes are named as dental mechanic, denture mechanic, denture technician, denture maker, false teeth maker, dental plate maker, denture man.

The dental practitioner in our denture clinic is a registered dental prosthetist in Australia. If you want to find a dental prosthetist near me, dental prosthetist Parramatta, Dental prosthetist Sydney, Dental prosthetist NSW, Bob Song Denture Clinic has one denture man. You will find an experienced, skilled, professional, caring and friendly dental prosthetist near you.

Are you looking for denture experts in Sydney to get permanent dentures, false teeth? We are specialising in making all kind of dentures in Sydney. Contact us now on 02 9687 6268 to make a denture appointment for you, you will be truly happy with your denture making experience at our denture clinic.

Welcome to Bob Song Denture Clinic 

Dental Prosthetist Sydney 

With twenty years of making dentures, Clinician Bob Song is always trying his best to serve the denture patients. Listening to patients and working with them during the whole denture appointments. By providing the best possible dentures, Bob Song Denture Clinic has restored the smile and confidence of many patients 

Looking for a trustworthy dental prosthetist in Sydney? Bob Song will deliver the best denture results to you.