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Emergency Denture Repairs

Emergency Denture Repairs

Emergency Denture repairs done quickly

We aim to provide quick and affordable dental services in our denture clinic. Our denture repair prices are affordable and with high quality. Customer satisfaction is our goal. Onsite dental lab is within the denture clinic and additional lab cost is not needed for repairing the broken dental plate and false teeth. Dentures repair while you wait is another service at Bob Song Denture Clinic. 

Denture sometimes can break into two pieces or more than two pieces. There is also only one crack on the denture plate. Denture tooth or teeth, clasps or hooks can be broken as well. These fractures or breakages can bring inconvenience to the denture wearers. 


Common denture fracture reasons:

1.    denture base does not fit the support gum

2.    denture is too old 

3.    denture drops on the hard surface when doing showering, sneezing or cleaning denture etc.

4.    eating too hard food

5.    denture bite is not correct

6.    Lost denture at a hotel

7.    lost denture in rubbish bin

8.    Flush a denture into the toilet.

9.    Dog ate false teeth or denture

Common emergency denture repairs patients visiting us for help.

Fractured or broken denture base

Broken denture plate

Broken dental flipper

Denture broken in half

Crack in denture base but denture not completed broken in half

Denture tooth broken from the denture

Denture clasp, hook, or clip broken from denture

Chipped denture tooth or teeth

A piece of the pink acrylic falls off

What do you need to do after your dentures are broken?

Try not to repair the dentures by yourself

Do not put any glue near the fractured denture areas which will not give any benefits for your professional denture repairs by your dental prosthetist or dentist

Do not try to eat with broken dentures that may hurt your gum or tongue

Do not throw away any pieces of the fractured dentures

Try to keep the tooth or teeth falled off from the dentures

call us today to make an emergency denture repairs appointment for you. 

How much do emergency denture repairs cost?

Our denture repairs cost is affordable. We will offer the denture repairs suitable for you needs. For the repair of dentures, you can choose denture repairs while you wait, same day denture repair, next day denture repair. 

Denture repair while you wait 

Same Day denture repair

Broken denture repair at our denture clinic

Do not get frustrated. For your broken dentures, we can help you. At Bob Song Denture Clinic Parramatta, we will do a free denture examination for you including your denture history, eating habits and denture conditions. If we think that your denture can still be repaired after we assess your broken or fractured dentures, we will fix it up for you as soon as we can. Some advice may be given to help you keep your denture last longer

Emergency Denture repairRepaired lower acrylic partial denture in a same day

Emergency denture repair                             Repaired broken lower denture 

Broken upper full acrylic denture Upper full acrylic denture repaired

Denture repair emergency - acrylic denture  Broken upper denture repaired

Broken upper acrylic parital denture for emergency denture repairsEmergency denture repairs for upper acrylic partial denture

 Cracked denture repair                                        Emergency denture repairs

                                                                                              for upper acrylic denture

Emergency denture repairs by Bob Song Denture Clinic

For the Past 10 years, we find patients who visting ourdenture clinc for same day denture repairs or urgent, emergency denture repairs are mainly from Parramatta and its surrounding suburbs.                

We also offer emergency denture repairs and new dentures for patients from Parramatt surrounding suburbs. These suburbs include North Parramatta, Rosehill, Camellia Northmead, North rocks, Carlingford, Epping, Eastwood, Dundas, Dundas valley, Rydalmere, Clyde, Telopea,  Ermington, Newington,  Silverwater, Olympic park, Homebush, Homebush west, Berala, Regents park, Lidcombe, Auburn, Granville, Villawood, Chester hill, Guildford, Guildford West, Yennora, Fairfield, Fairfield east, Fairfield west, Holroyd, Woodpark, Merrylands, Merrylands west, Harris park, Girraween, Greystanes, Mays hill, Westmead, Blacktown, Pendle hill, Lalor Park, Toongabbie, Old Toongabbie, Wentworthville, South Wentworthville, Baulkham hills, Rooty Hill, Seven hills, Winston hills, Constitution hills, Baulkham hills, Bella vista, West pennant hills, Castle hill, Pemulwuy, Prospect, Marsden Par, City of Ryde Council, City of Liverpool Council, City of Pernrith Council, Canterbury-Bankstown Council, Burwood Council, Strathfield Council, Sydney, NSW.

Frequently asked questions about broken dentures

In our denture clinic, patient often give you a ring and ask all sort of questions about their broken dentures. However, it is very hard to list all questions here; I will only show you some of the most common questions that patients asked me previously.

·       Can a chipped tooth on a denture be repaired?

·       Can a denture be repaired?

·       Can broken dentures be fixed?

·       Can broken dentures be repaired?

·       Can chipped dentures be repaired?

·       Can cracked dentures be repaired?

·       Can cracked dentures be fixed?

·       Can dentures be fixed?

·       Can dentures broken in half be repaired?

·       Can you fix broken dentures?

·       Can you fix broken dentures?

·       Can you repair broken dentures?

We can fix almost all broken dentures after we assessed it.

Emergency Same day Dentures

Missing Tooth? Lost Dentures? We can make an emergency denture for you in a same day. Emergency Dentures can also be done in 24 hour, 48 hours, several days and within a week. 

Sometimes, you may need an emergency denture in your life. You need the denture for a holiday, wedding, appointment, visiting friends, dropping relatives, work or business trip? You want to get good looking and confidence by wearing the emergency dentures. We can help you make it happen at our denture clinic.


Common scenario for emergency dentures

·       Missing tooth by itself  

·       Missing teeth by themselves 

·       Tooth or teeth extracted by your dentist recently

·       Lost existing dentures

·       Very loose dentures

·       Completely broken dentures


Options of same day Emergency Dentures

·       If you have an existing denture, we can add tooth or teeth to your existing dentures.

·       Get new temporary dentures at our clinic


Purpose of same day dentures

·       Same day dentures are mainly used for cosmetic purpose only

·       They are short term, temporary.

·       Once your gum settled, you can get your dentures relined in the future and make it fit better and last longer.


After you get same day dentures made, you need to plan your long-term tooth replacement. 

Common Tooth replacement options:

·       Dentures,

·       Crown,

·       Crown and bridge

·       Dental Implant.


At our Denture Clinic, we only do dentures. For dentures, if you want to get a permanent denture, please visit other pages of our denture services.  If you need other tooth replacement options, please ask you dentist or other specialists.

We need to look at the conditions of your existing dentures and oral health to determine whether we can make the denture for you in one day or not. In our experience, most cases can be done in one day.