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Denture Relines

Denture relines

Denture reline is to reline the dental plate base. The reline will improve the fit and comfort of your dentures. Denture reline can be done at dental chairside in one hour at the same day. You can also choose to get denture reline indirectly which is done in the dental lab by a dental technician. Denture reline can save your denture cost. It is relatively cheaper but effective way to extend the quality and life of your denture.

There are very soft, soft and hard denture relines. Denture relining can improve your denture fitting and comfort.

Denture relines can be done at our denture clinic in a same day.

Are you looking to get your dentures relined in Sydney? Please phone 02 9687 6268 now to make an appointment at Bob Song Denture Clinic Parramatta. Very soft, soft and hard denture relining can be done.